Huikuan Chao

Huikuan’s research interests are focused on nucleation phenomena in polymeric systems. Specifically,Huikuan implemented a liquid state/density functional theory to investigate bubble nucleation in polyurethane foaming.  Recently, Huikuan stepped into research on ionic liquids with a special attention on ionic liquid capacitors.

Chang Yun Son

ChangYun’s research is focused on electrostatic interactions across dielectric interfaces. More specifically, ChangYun is using molecular dynamics simulations to study the stabilization of colloidal particles with small amount of polyelectrolyte adsorbents. Recently, ChangYun have developed a cost effective simulation model that can treat the image charge interactions induced by the dielectric interfaces, which can be utilized to understand the colloidal stability, ion adsorption to the air/water interface as well as the structural ordering and dynamics of organic electrolytes and/or ionic liquids confined in the electrochemical cell.



Ahmad Omar

Ahmad leverages both computational and theoretical tools to bridge microscale physics with macroscopic thermodynamic and nonequilibrium properties of soft materials, including polymer and colloidal gels, topologically constrained polymers, and active materials.

Hyeongjoo Row (co-advised by John Brady)

Hyeongjoo’s research focuses on modeling polymers in active matter

Andrew Ylitalo (co-advised by Julie Kornfield)

Andy’s research focuses on modeling and measuring bubble nucleation and growth during polymer foaming, which is important to improve leading polyurethane-based thermal insulation. In Prof. Wang’s group, he is building computer models to simulate bubble nucleation using density functional theory. He also works in Prof. Julie Kornfield’s group developing experimental techniques for high-time-resolution measurements of bubble nucleation and growth in a microfluidic channel

Christopher Balzer

Chris’s research focuses on developing theory and computational methods to describe and understand interaction of charged surfaces mediated by polyelectrolyte solutions.


Visiting Scholar

Prof. Zengju Lian (Ningbo University, Ningbo, China)

Prof. Lian is interested in colloid and polyelectrolyte physics: theory and simulation.




Sohee Lee



Postdoctoral Scholars:

Jian Jiang (JJ), now professor at Chinese Academy of Science, China

JJ’s work is mainly about studying the thermodynamics, dynamics and structure properties of charged systems (electrolytes/ionic liquid and polyelectrolytes). Specifically, Dr. Jiang is interested in investigating the ion transport in liquid or solid state ionic liquid systems and the single chain and multichain adsorption problems.


Pengfei Zhang, now professor at Center for Advanced Low-dimension Materials, Donghua University, China


Umi Yamamoto, now senior research chemist at Toray Industries, Inc., Japan
Xiaofei Xu, now associate professor of physics at Soochow University, China Profile webpage
Issei Nakamura, now assistant professor of physics at Michigan Technological University Research webpage
Shelly Tzlil (co-advised by David Tirrell), now assistant professor at Technion – Isreal Institute of Technology Research webpage
Bradley D. Olsen (co-advised by Julie Kornfield and David Tirrell), associate professor at MIT. Research webpage
Sariki M. Bhattacharyya, (co-advised by Ahmed Zewail), now scientist at CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, India Research webpage
Yardena Bohbot-Raviv, research scientist at Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR), Israel
Panagiotis Dimitrakopoulos, (co-advised by John Brady), now associate professor at University of Maryland Research webpage
Oleg Byuchek, (current affiliation unknown)
Jonathan V. Selinger, now professor of physics and chemistry at Kent State University Profile webpage
Leonardo Golubovic, now professor of physics at West Virginia University Profile webpage


Ph.D. Students:

Kevin Shen, now postdoctoral researcher at UC Santa Barbara
Bilin Zhuang, now scientist at Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore
Rui Wang, now assistant professor at UC Berkeley (starting 2019) Profile webpage
Christina Ting, now senior member of technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories
Jenny Witman, (current affiliation unknown)
Cheng-Zhong Zhang, now assistant professor of biomedical informatics at Harvard Medical School Profile webpage
Justin Bois, (co-advised by Niles Pierce), now lecturer in biology and biological engineering at Caltech Profile webpage
Andrew Spakowitz, now associate professor of chemical engineering at Stanford University Research webpage
Jeffrey Endelman, (co-advised by Frances Arnold), now assistant professor of horticulture at University of Wisconsin-Madison Research webpage
Christopher Voigt, (co-advised by Frances Arnold), now associate professor of biological engineering at MIT Research webpage
Shuyan Qi, now senior firmware engineer at Silver Spring Networks
Jeremy Martin, now senior scientist & fuels lead at Union of Concerned Scientists
Isamu Kusaka, (co-advised by John Seinfeld), now associate professor of chemical engineering at Ohio State University Research webpage
Wei Zheng, model risk executive at U.S. Bank

M.S. Students:
Michael Choi, president and CEO of CodingDojo, a premier coding school
Stephen Wood, now engineer at ExxonMobile